3 is the magic number in this extraordinary decorative piece that is unlike anything you have ever seen before.

The triangle is considered by many to be a perfect shape and is one of the strongest found in nature.
Nikola Tesla believed that 3, 6 and 9 were the keys to the universe. Look around and you will see a world built from triangles.  I wanted to express my admiration for this beautiful geometric shape by designing Tridua.

During the day it stands quietly watching the world going by. At night it comes to life.
The intensity of light in the three elements containing Edison light bulbs is controlled by a central knob. The plasma bulb at the centre of the lamp is interactive. Touching it creates magical lighting effects.

This design combines contrasting materials, oxidised copper and glass, and uses their strength and fragility to achieve something remarkable.

Tridua is the first of a series of extraordinary decorative lamps from Hugo Jassa.

Sizes in inches (approx): Sizes in cm (approx):
Height: 62
Width: 35
Depth: 21
Base (triangle):18
Cable Length: 118
Height: 157.50
Width: 89
Depth: 53.50
Base (triangle): 46
Cable Length: 300
Weight: 25.5lbs Weight: 11.5kg
Lightbulb: 3 x 60W Vintage Filament bulb, 1 x plasma ball
Type of switch: dimmer knob
Main materials: oxidised copper, glass

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