Glacier Bowl

A fusion of glass, skilfully moulded into a translucent and reflective sculpture of a bowl inspired by glaciers glimmering in the sunlight.

It was a sunny day and I was exploring the Swiss mountains in their winter colours. In the afternoon sun my eye was caught by the colours of sunlight in the glacier. I was transfixed by the sight of frozen water being turned into a jewel before me.

A few years later I decided to capture this memorable moment by trying to recreate this naturally occurring phenomenon in my sculptures. That is how the first glacier bowls came into existence. The legs supporting the bowl are imitating springs and waterfalls, their clear water cascading down the mountains.

Displayed in the right space, the glacier bowl presents itself differently throughout the day. Morning light gives the sculpture clarity and sharpness. Afternoon and evening sunlight might turn it into a gem of shimmering waterfalls. Lit from below it creates beautiful reflections on glass surfaces.

This is the first in the series of glass sculptures from Hugo Jassa Designs.
Each piece is slightly different due to the process I use. There cannot be two identical pieces as the fused glass is skilfully encouraged to have a ‘mind of its own’, while still reflecting the original design.

Sizes in inches (approx): Sizes in cm (approx):
Height: 3.70
Width: 11
Base: 12.60
Height: 9.50
Width: 28
Base: 32
Weight: 5.5lbs Weight: 2.5 kg
Materials: glass

Price: £450

Please contact me for details on delivery and arranging the payment.
Delivery costs within the mainland UK are included in the above price.

If you would like to purchase Glacier Bowl Sculpture,  you can contact us via email