Glacier Bowl

Are you looking for something special, handmade, unique? I might be able to help.
This glass sculpture, if displayed in the right space, it presents itself differently throughout the day. Morning light gives the sculpture clarity and sharpness. Afternoon and evening sunlight might turn it into a gem of shimmering waterfalls. Lit from below it creates beautiful reflections on glass surfaces.  See more


It becomes like a family member, quiet, distinguished and watchful. Insect looks great with or without being lit.
During the day it looks still, as if it was observing its surroundings. As dusk falls it awakens, becoming an integral part of its surroundings. If the room is faintly lit then multitudes of shadows can be observed on the walls and ceiling, reflecting the colours of the plasma.
The intensity of illumination of this light sculpture is controlled by a central round knob. As you change the level of light different elements within the sculpture are revealed or hidden.
Most beautiful are the copper elements when lit from within. See more