Meet Hugo

Working with fire and steel

I am a Dorset based artist and sculptor, working primarily in glass, steel, copper and brass. Having said that, I don’t consider myself a fine artist with formal training. Perhaps I could better describe myself as an assembler, an explorer of light and materials. These I sculpt into the shapes and objects that I see in my mind. I am constantly enthralled by the way light reflects or travels through different materials creating colours and shadows in itself and its surroundings. 

So where did it all begin?
As a child I lived in a very busy city, full of light and noise, the hustle and bustle of an industrial centre. Come the summer though, I would be packed off to stay with my grandma in her village. This was a completely different world, remote with many houses without electricity. Grandma’s house was one of those, so evenings were spent by candlelight and firelight. There I was transported into a magical world of shadows dancing on the rustic walls. Summer nights were often spent in the garden, transfixed by the colours of the flames from the bonfire. The light was magical against the dark night sky and there was an atmosphere of warmth and happiness. 

One morning, more than 10 years ago, I woke up with a deep urge to build my own kiln for melting glass. I have no idea why I should suddenly want to do this but having the engineering skills to do it I took on the challenge and soon my first kiln was born. So began my experiments in fusing glass. 

Over the next few years I made all manner of things, working with different materials and techniques. Some of them were experiments that didn’t always work out but I was always learning new things and finding ways to improve my skills and achieve something new. 

I draw my inspiration from the world around me, from things seen, a conversation overheard or the beauty of nature. Other influences and inspirations are the work of Nikola Tesla who was forever discovering new things, always experimenting, not giving up easily. Stanislaw Lem’s books have also played an important part in my designs. Lem’s futuristic thinking encouraged my curiosity to find out how things could work in such a ‘new world’. 

Over the years my work ended up displayed all over the house and was sometimes given as gifts to family and friends. Their very positive feedback encouraged me to create more pieces and to make them available for others. I want to create sculptures that will speak directly to people, give them something different, to make their environment a little bit more special. 

Every piece is unique as each is individually made. Even the pieces that are in a series differ from each other. The technique used ensures that I am unable to create the same piece twice; there will always be differences. 

I often wake up in the morning with a new inspiration, a new idea that I start to draw immediately. These designs are then translated into the creations you see on this website. I hope they will intrigue and delight you and take you to your own dream world. 

Hugo Jassa thinking of next sculpture

Thank you for looking at my sculptures. Let me know what you think, it will be good hear from you.