A light sculpture quite literally inspired by another galaxy; Sombrero, with its bright nucleus circled by light.

Like astronomers and scientists, I am fascinated by the Sombrero Galaxy. My excitement and curiosity gave rise to this intriguing design.

The glass is fused to imitate a line of tightly packed dust particles that form the main ring of the galaxy. The sculpture is illumined from the inside. When it is not lit and is placed in a sunny position it glimmers as if the ring was made of crystals.

This piece combines three main materials: glass, stainless steel, aluminium and brushed brass. The Sombrero ring is suspended in ‘space’ by four spear-like elements connected to the main core. The sculpture has a triangular base with three curved components. The switch is placed at the base of the light sculpture but can also be controlled remotely.

This is the latest beautiful light sculpture from Hugo Jassa.